A Father’s Day Tribute to the Three Men in my Life

My husband

My husband is a lot of things: intelligent, talented, and innovative, but my favorite thing about him is his kindness. My first experience with this was when we were dating. We were babysitting my brother’s children back in December 1999. At the time, my nephew was 3 ½ and my nieces were 22 months and 2 months old. I fed baby Jayne and was trying to get her to settle down, but she was fussing and upset. Ryan asked if he could take a turn. He took her and bounced her patiently for hours while I played with the other kids and then got them ready for bed.  I knew then that he would be an amazing father.

I was right. Our boys are better people because they have had him as their father. He highly involved with them and is constantly encouraging them to pursue what interests them. He is incredibly supportive and supports our boys even though he suffers from chronic pain. Just yesterday, he went kayaking even though he was hurting, because he knew it would mean the world to our youngest son. My boys have the most amazing example in their life of how to be a good man. I am so blessed to have such a man in my life.

My Father

My father is tender-hearted and fun. I loved the many times we spent laughing and talking in funny accents as a kid. I loved going with him on “dates” when I was young. We’d get ice cream and then he’d take me to the park. We’d talk and I felt like he had all the time in the world for me. He is a wonderful example of kindness to others and is a great man of faith. I especially loved the little songs he would sing. “I’m reviewing the situation and the situation’s mighty fine.”  “Delicious, rubba dubba dubba dum, nutrious, rubba dubba dubba dum, delicious.”  He also created my own theme song for me: “Karinsky La VoItsy La Gutke La Painter” that he would sing when I came into the room.

I still love to watch actions movies with him. He loves to comment on what he is seeing. “Ooh! Oh! That’s gotta hurt! Run guy! Get out of there!” I also loved how he would throw a random word or two as we were having family scripture study to see if anyone were listening. “Laman and Lemuel would not hearken unto the counsel of the Lord (because they were a bunch of turkeys).” He is an amazing father and grandfather and now great grandfather.

My Father-in-Law

I love my father in law. I may not have grown up in his house, but he has been my second father for half of my life. He is a hardworking man who accomplishes anything he puts his mind to. He cares deeply about my children and is constantly supporting them in their activities and encouraging them to pursue their interests. We tease him about his stubbornness and his lack of appetite (he has a handful of dates every 12 hours or so) but we couldn’t ask for a better father or grandfather. He is the king in our Thomas Jefferson’s Castle (St. James’ Palace), we eat lunch at Knuckleboard (Kneader’s), get treats from Angel’s Landing (The Sweet Tooth Fairy), and we love our adventures with him where we can see rocks shaped like Yuba (Jabba) the Hut.

Published by Karen Painter

Karen Painter is a freelance real estate/health writer and historical romance author. She has written blogs, news,and feature articles for different publications over her twenty year writing career. Despite her struggles with anxiety and depression, she works hard to be positive and uplifting to others. She loves hiking, singing, and traveling.

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