Adventures with Grandpa: Oregon Trail’s Farewell Bend

There the road leaves Snake river and we see it only in the Columbia. I was sorry for that… we have travelled down it about 360 miles it is a fine stream. -George Belshaw, August 1853

Farewell Bend was the last stop on the Oregon Trail along the Snake River where travelers could rest and water and graze their animals before the trail turned north through more rugged country. Emigrants such as Cecelia Adams and Parthenia Blank said it was bittersweet to say “Farewell” to the snake when they traveled the trail in 1852.

When we first arrived, the kids were all hungry so we had some sandwiches and watermelon. The two youngest decided they were hot and ran in the sprinklers while they waited for their food.

After eating they were already wet so they decided to swim in the reservoir. It was a very beautiful place. I could see why those who traveled the trail found it bittersweet to say “farewell.”

Published by Karen Painter

Karen Painter is a freelance real estate/health writer and historical romance author. She has written blogs, news,and feature articles for different publications over her twenty year writing career. Despite her struggles with anxiety and depression, she works hard to be positive and uplifting to others. She loves hiking, singing, and traveling.

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